King Abdul-Aziz Road
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


ACC preserves environment for all their projects executed. It respects and adheres to the policy and legislation issued by the Presidency of Metrology and Environment. In all its activities, ACC strives to achieve solutions that balance environmental principles. The construction industry concentrates on the three aspects of sustainability which are environmental, social and economic. Environmental issues in construction cover the use of natural resources, waste minimization, and energy and water efficiency to avoid a harmful effect on the environment. Social factors encompass taking the stakeholders into account which include employees, suppliers and the community, and lastly economic factors include the construction industry’s contribution to economic growth and employment. Sustainable construction principles can be achieved through the following steps:

  • Re-use existing built assets
  • Design for minimum waste
  • Target lean construction
  • Minimize energy in construction
  • Minimize energy in use
  • Avoid pollution
  • Preserve and enhancing bio-diversity
  • Conserve water resources
  • Respect people and their local environment
  • Set targets